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Youngsters Come Up With New Holidays

February 8, 1988

McCOOK, Neb. (AP) _ Just what do you get a loved one to celebrate Lizard Day? And what would boys do if Children’s Day was just for girls?

These aren’t real holidays yet, but would be if a group of second-graders had their way.

Teacher Tabea Ryll had he ″The rules are to not scream in people’s ears. And to not bite or pinch. On Angel Holiday it is fun because you pretend to fly.″

Melissa M. Perkinson wants Children’s Day, a holiday the male members of the class probably won’t enjoy.

″It’s only for children 1 and up to 19. Only girls can come. ... The colors to wear are these: pink, purple, white and black.″

But the boys will have Matt Junker to thank for National Play Day. ″The people can play all day. ... You girls cannot come 3/8″

But both girls and boys will be able to celebrate Roni Gonzales’ Live Alone Day, and they can bring their dog or cat.

Eric Boyd thinks a monetary reward might make his June 30 Lizard’s Day popular.

″You try to catch the most lizards you can,″ he said. ″Whoever gets the most of them wins 50,000 dollars. And you get to keep them.

″The lizards have meetings on June 30.″

Nicky Robert Hilton thinks Kansas City is worth celebrating.

″Kansas City is a special holiday because it is neat. The people will hear a band. Everybody will get to ride their own motorcycles.″

And John Foley thinks it’s about time we celebrated Dinosaurs Day.

″You will celebrate the dinosaurs’ birthday. Even flying dragons can come too, and sea reptiles. ... Watch out, cause they will bite you.″

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