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Ukrainians Prefer Ukraine Without The ‘The’ With AM-Soviet-Ukraine, Bjt

December 2, 1991 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater on Monday used the politically correct terminology for the Soviet Union’s latest breakaway republic when he referred to ″the people of Ukraine,″ dropping the article ″the.″

″Ukrainian-Americans prefer it without the ’the,‴ said Adrian Karmazyn of the Ukrainian National Association.

″The article is used for regions like ‘the Appalachians’ or ‘the Crimea.’ We’ve always had a problem with the use of the article because we’ve long felt we were independent,″ Karmazyn said.

He said Ukrainians have made an issue of the name for a long time, but the question of how to refer to Ukraine has only come to the forefront with the movement, culminating in a decisive vote Sunday, to secede from the Soviet Union.

In the Ukrainian language, Karmazyn said, it’s just Ukraine, with no article.