Judge says sexting swim coach can’t go to Disneyland

December 19, 2017 GMT

BRIDGEPORT — The former coach of a regional youth swim program, convicted of sexting a 13-year-old Shelton girl, on Friday urged a judge to end his probation so that he can work at China’s Disneyland.

“It’s really unfair, I’m missing out on working in China because of my probation,” Alan Marcel told Superior Court Judge Maureen Dennis.

But while the judge expressed some sympathy for Marcel’s employment issues, she continued she wasn’t going to treat him any differently than any other person convicted of a similar crime.

“I’m not inclined to terminate probation early for this type of charge,” the judge added.

In 2015, Marcel, 30, of Comstock Hill Road, Norwalk, pleaded guilty to risk of injury to a minor and was sentenced to a 3-year suspended sentence and three years of probation.

Marcel was the head coach of the Park City Wolf Pack Swim Team, a program of youth from around the area. The team practices at the Wheeler Recreation Center at the University of Bridgeport.

Police said that in December 2014, the girl’s mother took her daughter’s cell phone when the daughter came home from school. Police said the mother found a number of disturbing text messages to the daughter from Marcel.

When police confronted the girl, they said she told them Marcel had been texting her for about two weeks. Police said that in one of the text exchanges with the girl, Marcel asks her about specific sexual activity she might be interested in having.

“Is it bad I wanna to about (sic) that stuff with U,” he then texted her, police said.