Havasu man arrested for allegedly threatening a family at a recent talent show

April 9, 2019 GMT

A Lake Havasu City went to jail after he was accused of threatening a family at a talent show at the Rodeo Grounds at SARA Park recently.

According to Lake Havasu City Police, Timothy Leigh Pio, 41, was charged March 28 with threats to intimidate and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.

After a man called 911 to report the incident, a city police officer called the man who said he was at the Rodeo Grounds on Dub Campbell Parkway for his 8-year-old son’s talent show when a man approached him and asked him his name.

When the victim confirmed his identity, the other man allegedly grabbed his hand and said “Listen to me (profanity), I will knock your (profanity) in the dirt, I will (profanity) kill you.” The victim also said the man said “I’ll (profanity) you.”

When two officers responded to the scene, they spoke with Pio, who allegedly said he had threatened the family in the past due to a disagreement with them. Police also said that Pio told the victim that “If you ever threaten my family, I will knock your (profanity) in the dirt.”

Pio also said he didn’t threaten the man’s life, but he allegedly screamed a profanity at the man.

When one of the officers spoke to a woman who was at the talent show, she said the men were yelling at each other, but she couldn’t hear what they said and they didn’t disturb the show.

When an officer spoke with the man’s son, the boy said the man was mad at his dad and he was afraid of the mad man.

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