John Gillispie: ‘The Meg’ swims with excitement

September 13, 2018 GMT

One of the first scary movies that I remember seeing in a theater was “Jaws” and I had never seen anything like it at that time.

Today, we have “The Meg” and the title refers to megalodon, which is a prehistoric shark that is much larger than anything we saw in “Jaws.”

“The Meg” had been an entertaining film experience for me. The movie offers a scientific explanation for how prehistoric sharks and other sea creatures could exist at a previously unknown ocean depth. These creatures have been kept isolated by a barrier that is breached by an experiment that allows a narrow window of time for creatures to escape to the rest of the ocean. This is what happens in “The Meg.”

Jason Statham stars as Jonas Taylor, who is called in to rescue his ex-wife and two of her research colleagues from the previously mentioned deep-ocean experiment which has gone awry.

“The Meg” offers plenty of excitement and special effects. This movie gives us time to care about the characters involved and to see that these characters also like and respect one another.

Li Bingbing is good in her role as Suyin, who in addition to Jonas can be helpful in a crisis. Young Sophia Cai is very charming as Suyin’s daughter, who is both witty and wise. Rainn Wilson has a multifaceted role as the man funding the deep-ocean research.

“The Meg” has a few surprises in store for viewers in addition to a little bit of humor as well. It’s such an entertaining and well-constructed film that it could inspire one or more sequels as “Jaws” did all those years ago.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum of Art.