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Grandmother Seeks Help With Christmas Gifts

November 16, 2018 GMT

Susan, a local grandmother, has been raising her granddaughter Olivia since her mother left.

Olivia has a problem with her leg and needs to go for medical treatment in Danville at least once a month.

Susan said the added expense makes it difficult to afford extras. She wrote a letter to Valley Santa asking for help.

In addition to raising her granddaughter, she also is raising her own child who has special needs.

Her letter was one of many sent to Valley Santa from grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and struggling financially.

Karen, another local grandmother, said she and her husband are raising their 3-year-old grandson Bob. They are both disabled and on fixed incomes.


She also asked if Valley Santa could provide a Christmas present for her grandson.

Donations are needed to ensure children in need like Olivia and Bob have gifts to open on Christmas morning. Volunteers shop for and wrap the gifts at Boscov’s in Wilkes-Barre.

“Whatever gift you give Bob this year will be greatly appreciated,” Karen wrote. “I know it’s supposed be family and togetherness that make a holiday, especially Christmas worthwhile but when you are 3 and almost 4, it’s what’s under the tree that makes the biggest impression.”

Karen said they were talking about how they are going to afford gifts this year and then saw more information about the Valley Santa program.

“Thank you for doing this for not just my grandson, but for all the kids,” Karen wrote.