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People have hard time dealing with change

December 17, 2018

As Christmas begins to end and the new year gets closer and closer, everyone starts to think, “Am I going to do a resolution or am I just going to stay the way I was in 2018?” Most people do want to change, but they find themselves struggling as the new year progresses.

I think people struggle with their resolutions because everyone in this world has a hard time dealing with change, even myself. We are all determined to change ourselves, but it doesn’t go the way we planned because we are not used to it. This is why I normally don’t have a New Year’s resolution.

If I am really feeling ambitious, I set a New Year’s resolution for myself. Usually, my resolution turns out to be trying not to eat as many sweets or trying to work out more. But then, after the first couple of weeks, I can’t take it anymore and I have to dive into that brownie or take a day off from running on the treadmill. So, I definitely don’t look forward to New Year’s resolutions each year, but I am looking forward to a couple of other things in 2019.

First, I am really looking forward to finally turning 18 in the new year. When a person turns 18, it means he or she is supposed to be an adult. The key words here is “supposed to be.” I feel like I’ve still got a lot of kid in me, but I am ready to take on world as I head into college next fall.

I have not picked a college yet, but I am looking forward to the entire college experience, especially playing basketball, but, yes, even studying.

Another particular rite of passage that comes with turning 18 is the right to vote. I know voting may not seem very exciting to all 18-year-olds, but I believe it is an honor, and I am anxious to put in my opinion and vote in the next election. I enjoy being involved in my community and paying attention to what is going on in the world, and voting is another way I can contribute.

So, as 2019 rolls around, I am going to try my best to come up with a resolution that I can follow. But even if I don’t, I’m still looking forward to all the changes that the new year will bring for me. I hope 2019 will be my best year yet!

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