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Attractive deal in place for Rickey Rockets

June 27, 2018

I read the article the other day about Ricky Rockets and they mentioned the sales tax increase seemed to have an effect on their decision to put a hold on developing the property.

That seems suspicious and short sighted. From what I can see, our location would have been the lowest sales tax of any of their current or proposed locations. The other city with the lowest sales tax, from what I have found, is 8.25 percent in Garland, Texas. The other locations all are at 10 percent sales tax.

Plus, where the sales tax increase might decrease business ever so slightly, they will be saving a lot of money on the decreased real estate taxes. Also, there have been a couple of businesses who have relocated recently that Ricky Rockets would have potentially profited from: Hoekstra Trucking, located a few blocks away in Eastgate Industrial Park, as well as La Beau Bros. Truck Sales and Service & Parts, who purchased the old Court Street Ford dealership building.

Plus, there is Kankakee Tank Wash about a couple blocks away that washes truck tanks (nationally, one of the top tank-cleaning companies) and they have a complimentary food bar along with clean showers and restrooms. Truckers can even do their laundry as they wait.

Why wouldn’t Ricky Rockets want to be another piece of the puzzle for a one-stop shop for truckers? And if they don’t want to locate there, maybe the city can market the location to another truck stop.

Berry McCracken