Nebraska getting $116-Thousand from USDA as part of push to support opioid prevention, treatment and recovery

September 25, 2018

LINCOLN - Nebraska is getting $116,000 from the U.s Department of Agriculture as part of a multi-million dollar push to support opioid prevention, treatment and recovery on Rural America.

$83,300 dollars will go the Hope Crisis Center in Fairbury to help them pay for more office and counsel space.

Community Program Specialist Janice Stopak with the USDA says even though the Center primarily deals with domestic abuse issues, they still qualified for grant funding.

She explains that often the center services those who are victims of opioid addiction.

“That leads to the physical abuse of family members, “says Stopak. “Therefore, we consider it under the opioid crisis.”

The remaining $31,800 is being granted to the village of Henderson to go toward the purchase of an electric cot.

“In small rural towns there sometimes is only one EM that goes out on a call therefore they need the assistance of an electric cot to get it up into the ambulance,” says Stopak.

What does that have to do with helping opioid victim’s?

“Sometimes there are drug overdoses being transported to hospitals,” says Stopak.

The USDA is partnering with 22 other states to allocate almost $11-million to fund projects to cub opioid victim numbers.

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