Warren Sapp says Tampa Bay Bucs are mishandling Gerald McCoy

October 30, 2017

Warren Sapp is not coming back to the NFL. He doesn’t think Simeon Rice is, either. But the Bucs Hall of Fame tackle, who with Rice helped underwrite one of the great defenses in NFL history with a menacing pass rush, can’t stomach what he’s seeing.

“I’m a little lost right now,” Sapp said. “This is hard to watch.”

He’s talking about the current Bucs pass rush, which is nonexistent. It goes beyond the fact that the Bucs have a league-low seven sacks. To Sapp, it goes to what he thinks should be the heart of the defense: Bucs perennial Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy.

“If you have a lead dog and if it’s not GMC – that’s what I call Gerald, like a big wide-body GMC – you put the Volkswagens and all the rest of them around him and you allow him to work,” Sapp said.” You’ve got five one-on-ones and you designate Robert Ayers as the one with the one-and-ones? Gerald’s the better player. What are we doing here?

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