Goshen County in preliminary stages for construction of new assisted living facility

January 31, 2018 GMT

TORRINGTON — The Goshen County Care Center Joint Powers Board is in the planning stages for a new assisted living facility to fill in some well needed services.

Ashley Harpstreith, CEO of Goshen County Economic Development, said the board had done a survey in 2012 that reported a gap in assisted living care in Torrington. The city had occasional assistance and hands-on assistance care facilities, but lacked anything in between.

“At the time, they were suggesting maybe 23-24 beds,” Harpstreith said. “We feel like the demand has increased since then, so we’re gunning for a level 2-3 care facility to provide 30 beds.”

In the meantime, the former hospital on 20th Avenue and D Street was torn down and turned into an empty lot.

“The city purchased that land and decided to clean it up,” she said.

The city of Torrington donated the land, located just west of the Evergreen Court assisted living facility, to the county with the hopes of building a new care facility on the lot.

The new facility would be owned by Goshen County and operated by Welcov, which currently operates Evergreen Court. Harpstreith said the board has met with an architect and are currently in the planning stages for the facility.

“We’re determining the level of care and the amenities and how many beds we’re going to have,” she said.

Paul Novak, chairman of the board, said the current assisted living facilities are full and have waiting lists.

“We’re kind of looking over our shoulders and wondering if we underbuilt,” he said. “That’s why we’re going to 30 beds, because the community interest has been off has been incredible. They’re already calling for reservations.”

Novak said the boardmembers are visiting nearby care centers for comparisons and ideas for their estimated $6-8 million budget.

“That’s what our goal is,” he said. “We’ll build what we can with the budget that we qualify for, but it’s going to be a nice facility.”

The facility would provide patients with a bedroom, bathroom, living and kitchen spaces. The residents would be given some medication management and assistance and some amenities, but for the rooms would be self-contained.

“It will be a complete living facility with activities,” Novak said.

If built on the site, the health care center would likely share facilities with Evergreen Court.

“They can share a dining room,” Novak said. “They can share an activity room, they can share laundries.”

“We’re going to try to maximize and be efficient as possible,” Harpstreith said.

The facility is projected to provide 15-20 jobs. Harpstreith said an exact completion date is still be worked out.

“If we’re breaking ground by early next year, we’d be in great shape,” she said.