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Quilter’s Harvest Quilt Show announce winners

October 19, 2018 GMT

POCATELLO - The 2018 “The Quilter’s Harvest” Quilt Show was recently held at Mountain View Event Center on Oct. 12-13.

The winners of each category are:

BEST OF SHOW- 118 Susan Lavender

Category 100- Large Pieced (Machine Quilted)

1st place- 155 Marlene Armstrong

2nd place- 121 Jill Barber

3rd place- 112 Jan Paniogue

Category 200- Medium Pieced (Machine Quilted)

1st place- 253 Jeanne Hand

2nd place- 239 Audrey Butlar

3rd place- 250 Joyce Carson

Category 300- Large Pieced (Hand Quilted)

1st place- 305 Carol Hudson

2nd place- 306 Carol Hudson

Category 400- Medium Pieced (Hand Quilted)

1st place- 408 Ranae Palmer

2nd place- 409 Karen Price

3rd place- 410 Jennifer Parry

Category 500- Foundation Pieced (Any Size)

1st place- 512 Karen Price

Category 600- Art, Embroidery, Mixed Technique (Large)

1st place- 623- Cheri Stallsmith

2nd place- 615-Joan Farnworth

3rd place- 616-Joan Farnworth

Category 700- Art, Embroidery, Mixed Technique (Smaller)

1st place- 709 Ranae Palmer

2nd place- 710 Joan Farnworth

Category 800- Applique by Hand (Any Size)

1st place- 812 Jeanne Hand

2nd place- 813 Sherry Powers

3rd place- 811 Lori Burton

Category 900- Appliqued by Machine (Any Size)

1st place- 902 Jill Barber

2nd place- 905 Lucian Armstrong

3rd place- 907 Penny Farnsworth

Category A- Miniature

1st place- A00 Audrey Butler

2nd place- A04 Connie Herbert

3rd place- A03 Audrey Butlar

Category H- Home Décor/Miscellaneous

1st place- H10 Carolyn Hartman

2nd place- H08 Carolyn Hartman

3rd place- H07 Shanna Perkins

Category L- Wool (Larger)

1st place- L03 Colene Meusborn

2nd place- L05 Colene Meusborn

3rd place- L01 Cynthia Fuelling

Category S- Wool (Smaller)

1st place- S02 Ranae Palmer

2nd place- S06 Ranae Palmer

3rd place- S12 Sherry Powers

Category W- (Wearable Art- Including Purses/Bags)

1st place- W07 Linda Papaliou

2nd place- W06 Linda Papaliou

Category Y- (Youth)

1st place- Y03 Ashlyn Brown

2nd place- Y05 Jill Parry

3rd place- Y04 Rachal Summers