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Radar Catches ‘Miss Piggy’ Speeding, Police Don’t Know Who to Charge

November 22, 1985 GMT

WIESBADEN, West Germany (AP) _ Police know a car was traveling 51 in a 30 mph zone, but they don’t know who to charge. Their evidence is a radar-camera photo of Miss Piggy grinning through the open sun roof.

Juergen Schnee, police spokesman in this central West German city, said Friday, ″There’s nothing we can do″ about the speeder who tooled along Highway 42 in an Opel recently, wearing a mask likeness of the heavy-lidded Muppet.

Schnee said police traced the license number and sent notice of a fine to the car’s owner. But he ″wrote back saying he had lent his car to many people - relatives, friends, parents - and he had no idea who was driving at the time.


The owner also invoked his right under German law not to give evidence against someone else, said Schnee, who would not identify him.

″We have asked the drivers’ license bureau to order the owner to maintain a logbook″ of the car’s travels, Schnee said.

The police spokesman, not immune to levity, also remarked: ″Yes, we all found it quite funny here, quite a lark.″ He added on a darker note: ″But we hope it will not happen again. We don’t want others out there who read the newspapers to become copycats.″