McSally refunds $120,000 of excessive contributions

March 6, 2019 GMT

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Sen. Martha McSally has refunded more than $120,000 in excess campaign contributions after the Federal Election Commission asked her campaign to explain them.

McSally’s campaign disclosed the refunds in a response to the FEC on Monday.

Federal candidates can collect $2,700 from a single donor during a primary election, followed by an additional $2,700 from the same person during the general election.

But in January the federal agency flagged dozens of contributions to McSally from more than 60 donors that appeared to exceed those limits during the 2018 campaign. McSally refunded the bulk of the money and re-attributed another $14,000 to the original donor’s spouse. The campaign explained that several other donations were not improper because they came from different people with the same name.