College Basketball TV Show: MSU deals with off-court issues

February 7, 2018

Oakland University’s high-scoring guard Kendrick Nunn was a special guest on The Detroit News’ College Basketball TV Show.

Wojo, John Niyo and Matt Charboneau also talked about Michigan State basketball after the ESPN report.

Here are some of the highlights from this week’s TV show.

► 1:40: MSU fallout after the ESPN report and Nassar scandal

► 4:50: Matt Charboneau on MSU’s off-court issues

► 7:00: Tom Izzo’s postgame news conferences

► 8:40: Spartans-Boilermakers preview

► 10:40: Miles Bridges

► 12:40: Joshua Langford, Matt McQuaid

► 14:20: Big 10 Tournament preview

► 15:40: James Hawkins on Michigan’s Big 10 chances

► 19:00: Oakland’s Kendrick Nunn on trying to win the NCAA scoring title

► 20:30: Nunn on sitting out last season with the Golden Grizzlies

► 22:10: Nunn, Jalen Hayes the nation’s leading scoring combo

► 23:30: Nunn on NBA aspirations

► 26:00: Tony Paul’s men’s and women’s state power rankings