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Natural gas leads to cleaner air -- Gerry Wrench

August 20, 2018 GMT

We’re all worried about the environment we will leave our kids and grandkids.

I know I don’t want to make my kids responsible for dealing with environmental problems that my generation caused. That’s why I am glad to see air quality is getting better. The air today is cleaner than it has been for the last 25 years, due a lot to the conversion to more natural gas.

We can continue this positive trend by supporting cleaner energy sources. Natural gas, now one of the country’s top energy sources, is contributing greatly to our cleaner air. As more natural gas has been produced and used, emissions have consequently gone down. This is no coincidence, because natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels we have.


It’s clear natural gas is helping our environment. I am glad we are making such progress so our kids will have cleaner and healthier air when our generation is gone.

Gerry Wrench, Marinette