Congressman Jeff Fortenberry: “new National Security team brings hawkish views”

March 31, 2018

NORFOLK - A new National Security team has just recently been appointed by President Donald Trump.

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo is replacing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and John Bolton is replacing H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser.

President Trump says the new National Security team has a very weighty role of ensuring not only that America is safe, but doing everything in their power to reduce the possibility of war and confrontation.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry tells News Talk WJAG President Trump picked two people who should be on the same page when it making decisions and working together.

“I think these two team members, Bulton and Pompeo fit more easily with President Trumps general disposition it seems to me from what I read. We’ll see if they become a seamless working team together, but they will bring decidedly more hawkish views based upon their previous pronouncements.”

Fortenberry says both Pompeo and Bulton have President Trumps trust and have shown that they can communicate with him and his views.

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