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Man Sentenced for 1965 Car Bombing

September 9, 1999 GMT

CHICAGO (AP) _ A man who was convicted of planting a bomb that killed a champion horsewoman more than three decades ago was sentenced Thursday to 100 to 300 years in state prison.

However, James Blottiaux, 55, could be paroled after serving 8 1/2 years under a now-defunct Illinois law in effect at the time of the crime. Prosecutors said that was unlikely.

Blottiaux, a one-time truck driver and body shop worker accused of being a paid killer, was convicted in July of murder and arson in the 1965 car bombing that killed Cheryl Lynn Rude.

Prosecutors said Blottiaux was hired by the late horseman Silas Jayne to kill Jayne’s brother and rival, George Jayne. Blottiaux planted a dynamite bomb in George Jayne’s Cadillac and did not stop Ms. Rude, who rode at Jayne’s stables, from getting in and starting the car.

Blottiaux had been investigated for years, but prosecutors did not charge him until 1997, after uncovering evidence against him in a larger probe of crimes in the suburban horse world.

George Jayne was shot to death while playing cards in 1970. Silas Jayne was convicted of conspiring to kill him, served eight years in prison and died of leukemia in 1987.