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Dave’s Dummy: No Wendy’s sidewalk is NOT a bathroom

November 14, 2016

Dave’s Dummy for today takes us to Port St. Lucie, Florida where acop in Port St. Lucie, Florida was driving past a Wendy’s earlier this month when he saw our dummy, a woman POOPING in front of it.

So he pulled over to, you know, ask her why she was doing that. The dummy, a 58-year-old named Robin Mckenzie, told him her plan was to use the bathroom inside the Wendy’s, but when it was closed, apparently felt that the sidewalk was her only option. Well the cop showed some pity on her and let her go without a citation . . . but he DID run her plates as she was pulling away. And that’s when he found out she was driving a STOLEN pickup truck.

That’s a big no-no! So he quickly pulled her over and arrested her for felony grand theft. And on the way to jail, she pooped in the back of his patrol car.