A.C. Steere student gears up for regional spelling bee

March 18, 2018

Shreveport - They’re words most of us have never heard, let alone spelled, but for 22 kids from across the Northwest Louisiana, words like “elucubrate” or “eudaemonic” are a part of everyday life.

11 year old Josephine Comerford has been competing in bees for years and she’s pretty good.

“Since I was in the first grade, in the first grade I won my class spelling bee, and I did in the second grade, not in the third grade, even though I spelled the word right, somehow the teacher didn’t know I spelled the word right.”

Saturday marks her first appearance at the regional spelling bee and she says she’s ready.

“My mom starts drilling me like as soon as the winter break is over, she’ll print out spelling words and she’ll start drilling me on them.”

Diane Woodward, former speller and current music teacher helped bring the spelling bee to A.C. Steere.

She says spelling bees offer kids a number of academic benefits.

“In my opinion, next to music, spelling is probably one of the most cognitively developing thing there is... they learn other languages and how those languages feed into our language so it not only improves their spelling, but their vocabulary improves enormously.”

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