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BC-EARLY-Early Extended Entries Assiniboia Downs

May 15, 2019 GMT

1st-$11,000, Waiver Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Five Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Dyna (L), 121;R. Ali;6-6-6;Marjorie Paterson
2;Eyes Have It (L), 121;C. Chow;8-5-5;Jerry Gourneau
3;Cats West (L), 121;A. Whitehall;4-4-3;Ardell Sayler
4;Kissin Katy (L), 121;K. Pizarro;2-2-2;Marvin Buffalo
5;It's Not So Easy (L), 121;R. Cumberbatch;3-4-7;Perry Cavanaugh
6;Two Steps of Glory (L), 121;A. Cruz;3-6-2;Juan Silva

2nd-$14,400, Maiden Special Weight, 3-Year-Olds Fillies, Five Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Amy On Tour (M), 119;A. Whitehall;x-x-x;Michael Nault
2;Sober Vow , 119;R. Cumberbatch;7-8-2;Sam Neubuhr
3;Twisted Sensation (L), 119;R. Mairs;4-5-x;Gary Danelson
4;Modesty's Tribute (L), 119;D. Dawkins;3-x-x;Steven Gaskin
5;Rayna (L), 119;R. Ali;3-x-x;Shelley Brown
6;Sweet Design , 119;C. Chow;3-2-4;Tom Gardipy, Jr.
7;Remy Rising Star (L), 119;K. Pizarro;3-5-x;Shelley Brown

3rd-$14,400, Maiden Special Weight, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Five Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Hinini (L), 117;C. Chow;2-2-7;Jerry Gourneau
2;Grandma Pauline (L), 117;R. Cumberbatch;3-2-3;Marvin Buffalo
3;Fun in the Sun (L), 123;S. Chadee Jr.;5-5-x;Jamie Hartmann
4;Storm Stride (L), 117;T. Nelson;2-2-6;Murray Duncan
5;Princess Becky (L), 117;A. Cruz;3-2-2;Juan Silva
6;Hawk On the Wing (L), 117;K. Pizarro;9-6-x;Shelley Brown
7;Seminary South (L), 117;A. Whitehall;3-7-10;Jerry Gourneau

4th-$18,000, Stakes, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Five Furlongs

Magic d’Oro Overnight Stakes

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Plentiful (L), 119;T. Nelson;6-6-9;Murray Duncan
2;Alpine Luck (L), 119;A. Whitehall;5-3-4;Jared Brown
3;Hot Rodin (L), 119;A. Cruz;5-1-4;Juan Silva
4;Pete Marwick (L), 119;R. Cumberbatch;3-3-1;Gary Danelson
5;Deep Explorer (L), 119;C. Chow;4-7-4;Jerry Gourneau
6;Presidentsky (L), 119;P. Francis;1-5-3;Juan Silva
7;Media Melee (L), 119;K. Pizarro;8-1-3;Steven Gaskin

5th-$8,700, Waiver Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Five Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Queen Jean (L), 121;R. Mairs;5-3-6;Shelley Brown
2;Witt's Strike (L), 117;R. Ali;1-5-10;Jerry Gourneau
3;Angels Sing , 121;R. Cumberbatch;1-2-5;Steven Gaskin
4;Sweet Indulgence (L), 121;C. Chow;1-5-1;Tom Gardipy, Jr.
5;Smokin Bullet (L), 121;A. Whitehall;2-3-6;Ardell Sayler
6;Pretty Candy (L), 121;K. Pizarro;3-7-4;Tom Gardipy, Jr.
7;Beach Bling (L), 117;D. Dalrymple;3-1-3;Jerry Gourneau
8;No One Told Me (L), 121;N. Disdier;5-2-5;Juan Silva

6th-$13,600, Allowance Optional Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Five Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Louden's Gray (L), 124;R. Cumberbatch;1-5-8;Steve Keplin, Jr.
2;Lifesbeengoodsofar (L), 119;T. Nelson;3-1-4;Murray Duncan
3;Telling You Twice (L), 122;A. Whitehall;7-6-7;Steven Gaskin
4;Stage Show (L), 124;D. Dalrymple;1-1-4;Jerry Gourneau
5;Circus Ride (L), 124;A. Cruz;2-1-1;Juan Silva
6;Power Driven (L), 122;R. Mairs;4-2-2;Gary Danelson
7;Eaglebine (L), 122;C. Chow;1-2-7;Ryan Desjarlais
8;Fifer (L), 124;K. Pizarro;8-4-1;Marvin Buffalo

7th-$9,000, Waiver Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Five Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Holdmegold (L), 124;R. Cumberbatch;1-2-7;Larry Cizik
2;Rushin to Judge (L), 124;A. Cruz;1-5-6;Jay Buffalo
3;Uncle Ron (L), 124;T. Nelson;7-4-2;Perry Cavanaugh
4;Mi Hossenda (L), 124;R. Ali;1-2-4;Ardell Sayler
5;Magnetic Jazz (L), 124;C. Chow;5-7-1;Ryan Desjarlais
6;Tiz Funny (L), 124;P. Francis;5-10-5;Tom Gardipy, Jr.
7;Honest Fight (L), 124;A. Whitehall;11-6-3;Shaun Morin
8;Ready for Luck (L), 124;K. Pizarro;7-2-2;Marvin Buffalo
9;No Guts No Glory (L), 119;S. Belle;6-9-1;Jerry Gourneau

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