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Readers discuss maintenance of fire equipment

February 20, 2019 GMT

The editorial in Sunday’s The Herald-Dispatch — “Answers, accountability required of fire department” — addressed revelations that the Huntington Fire Department has had problems maintaining and repairing its equipment, including ladder trucks and emergency response boats. Online readers of the editorial and related news coverage responded with their own takes on the situation.

Timothy Carpenter: “You should have added ‘equipment’ to the end of the headline. I agree the aged equipment is a major expense for the city. An investigation is warranted as to why the equipment may not be maintained as it should or could be. But who? If you look on the City of Huntington website under ‘Public Works,’ here is a description of the many departments overseen by the Public Works Director. MOTOR POOL DIVISION: The Huntington Motor Pool Division repairs and services vehicles and equipment for the Police Department, Fire Department, Huntington Municipal Parking Board ... I don’t think anyone expects the fire chief or police chief to check the oil and tire pressure of all the equipment in their department every day at the beginning of each shift. We elected the mayor and city council for more important things to do than micromanage, and the mayor should depend on his team in each department to perform their duties, no matter what department it may be!”

Sherri Rowe: “Maybe not the fire chief checking oil but I’m sure there is down time for someone to check fluid. I would think 14 qts low would cause some noise when using vehicle. The equipment is too expensive to not take care of.”

Devi Matthews: “The fire chief SHOULD BE involved with her department more than the drug users and getting in the national spotlight shining on our town. Since the city is having to use outside equipment, volunteered to help, does this lower the user fee for the workers in Huntington? Why isn’t all that money keeping equipment functioning? That should be the number one goal!”

Emma Phillips: “Check the oil, people!! Regular maintenance is important on all vehicles, MORE on a lifesaving vehicle!!!”