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BC-Extended Entries Horsemen’s Park

May 20, 2019 GMT

1st-$20,000, Stakes, 3-Year-Olds & Up , One Mile

Roman Zipper Stakes

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;L B Gold (BL), 120;D. Wood;8-5-3;Bill Krause;12/1
2;Go Gold (BL), 120;C. Fackler;8-3-6;Larry Donlin, Jr.;5/2
3;Call Me Bubba (BL), 118;A. Martinez;2-2-6;Kelli Martinez;5/1
4;Be My Shadow (BL), 123;J. Olesiak;3-3-4;Marvin Johnson;8/5
5;P R Cash King (BL), 120;A. Pusac;3-3-2;Gregorio Rivera;6/1
6;Dee's Luck (BL), 118;S. Bethke;6-7-1;Andrew Bossung;15/1

2nd-$9,500, Starters Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up , One Mile

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Classy Cove (BL), 123;D. Wood;3-4-4;Kyndra McKinney;8/1
2;Judge Dixon (BL), 123;J. Olesiak;5-1-1;Isai Gonzalez;6/1
3;Smarty Party Papa (BL), 123;A. Martinez;7-2-1;Steve Hall;9/5
4;Primarily Gold (BL), 123;A. Pusac;1-2-1;Larry Donlin;2/1
5;Air Assault (BL), 123;C. Fackler;2-1-7;Marissa Black;9/2
6;Awesome Ave (BL), 118;R. Martinez;3-1-2;Grady Thompson;10/1
7;Picadilly Roadster (BL), 123;S. Bethke;1-4-1;Grady Thompson;5/1

3rd-$7,500, Claiming $3,500-$3,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;A Bunch for Lunch (BL), 123;D. Wood;1-2-3;John Ness;9/2
2;Be a Factor (BL), 123;C. Fackler;5-3-2;Jason Wise;6/1
3;Dixie Delta (L), 123;J. Olesiak;6-3-1;Robert Mitzner;4/1
4;Ize Discreet Rose (BL), 123;S. Bethke;5-1-3;Mark Sweitzer;3/1
5;Hannah Bo Baby (BL), 123;A. Martinez;5-4-5;Joe Hawley;5/2
6;Classy and Fast (BL), 123;A. Pusac;1-1-2;Salvador Arceo;6/1
7;Sparkling Peg (B), 123;R. Martinez;4-4-5;Kyndra McKinney;10/1

4th-$7,000, Claiming $2,500-$2,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Reverend Sam (BL), 123;A. Martinez;5-4-4;Salvador Arceo;3/1
2;Blumin Irish (BL), 123;J. Olesiak;5-6-2;Terrell Hemmer;5/2
3;Bluegale (BL), 123;S. Ruhe;8-6-7;Tricia Rickert;20/1
4;Green Card (BL), 123;R. Martinez;6-3-5;Joe Hawley;9/2
5;Santorini Sky (BL), 123;D. Wood;7-8-7;Robert Mitzner;15/1
6;Passau (BL), 123;S. Bethke;6-5-8;Mark Sweitzer;12/1
7;Diesel's Prize (BL), 123;C. Fackler;3-5-2;James Compton;4/1
8;Doublec'stwopunch (BL), 123;F. Johnson;7-4-6;Merel Moore;20/1
9;Cowboy Accent (BL), 123;A. Pusac;3-7-4;David Anderson;6/1

5th-$7,000, Claiming $2,500-$2,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Mayhawk (BL), 123;A. Martinez;2-5-7;Salvador Arceo;2/1
2;Brother Who (BL), 123;F. Johnson;4-3-6;Daniel Coughlin;7/2
3;Cash King (BL), 123;J. Olesiak;7-6-8;Robert Mitzner;12/1
4;Warren's Dr. Boo (BL), 123;S. Bethke;9-4-9;Tricia Rickert;20/1
5;Rain Ray (BL), 123;R. Martinez;5-6-5;Stanley McClain;10/1
6;R Gold Case (BL), 123;A. Pusac;5-5-7;Mark Hibdon;9/2
7;Necessary Party (BL), 123;D. Wood;6-6-7;Joe Hawley;8/1
8;Highway Fiftyfour (BL), 123;C. Fackler;10-4-2;John Ness;10/1
9;Lil' Quarter Chute (B), 123;S. Ruhe;8-6-8;Steve Dickinson;15/1

6th-$11,000, Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares (NW3 L), Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Holy Marie (BL), 123;D. Wood;1-2-2;Mike Sorensen;4/1
2;Cowgirl Judge (BL), 123;J. Olesiak;2-4-6;Marissa Black;3/1
3;Ez Girl (BL), 123;S. Bethke;8-5-5;Robert Haar;15/1
4;Templeton (BL), 123;F. Johnson;6-8-2;Mark Hibdon;12/1
5;Irish Contessa (BL), 120;A. Martinez;1-2-7;Mark Hibdon;9/5
6;Holy Caballero (BL), 123;A. Pusac;6-7-7;Les Rhodes;15/1
7;Smoken Danni (BL), 123;C. Fackler;8-3-3;Tony Jones;5/2

7th-$11,700, Maiden Special Weight, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;River Quest (BL), 118;F. Johnson;8-2-9;Dalton Dieter;10/1
2;Nebraska Chrome (BL), 123;A. Martinez;3-5-4;Kelli Martinez;2/1
3;P R Gold Money (BL), 118;J. Olesiak;7-4-5;Dalton Dieter;9/2
4;Miss Justice (BL), 115;A. Pusac;7-7-5;Gregorio Rivera;15/1
5;Military Strike (BL), 120;C. Fackler;6-x-x;Larry Donlin;5/2
6;Tiz My Black Dress (BL), 118;D. Wood;3-9-6;Gregorio Rivera;8/1

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