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Columbia Falls debate team on a winning streak

December 19, 2018 GMT

Columbia Falls High School Speech and Debate is on a roll, winning its sixth tournament in Frenchtown on Saturday.

Columbia Falls accumulated 137 overall points for a first-place finish, followed by Whitefish High School, in second, with 116 points. This was the narrowest victory for Columbia Falls this season, according to the coaches.

“We are looking forward to continuing to build towards the state tournament” Head Coach Tara Norick said. “We know that we earn every win, and there is some amazing competition out there this year. We are going to work hard and stay focused, and not take anything for granted.”

In Class B-C, Bigfork High School placed second with 16 overall points, behind Loyola with 62.

Glacier High School rose to the top in Class AA, finishing first with 85 overall points followed by Sentinel with 34.

Policy Debate

1. Shyane Williams and Ava Foley, Columbia Falls

4. Calie Jo Johnson and Tre Finley, Columbia Falls

7. Ian McKenzie and Maggie McKeon, Columbia Falls

8. Anton Young and Elyse Pendlay, Bigfork

Public Forum Debate

1. Cassidy Norick and Kelsey Wright, Columbia Falls

3. Maggie Rudbach and Morgan Baker, Glacier

4. Emma Stephens and Griffin Conger, Columbia Falls

5. Lara Erickson and Laney Conger, Columbia Falls

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

3. Alma Patrick, Glacier

7. Raphe Salmon, Columbia Falls

8. Luca Welle, Whitefish

Impromptu Speaking

2. Paige Moriarty, Columbia Falls

3. Rylie Weeks, Glacier

4. Joshua Green, Glacier

5. Ethan Eagleton, Glacier

6. Regan Tintzman, Whitefish

7. Gavin Aus, Glacier

8. Sofia Saurey, Whitefish

Informative Speaking

1. Elizabeth Campell, Whitefish

2. Regan Tintzman, Whitefish

3. Anya Young, Bigfork

4. Bethany Barnes, Whitefish

Extemporaneous Speaking

3. Alyeska Zuckert, Glacier

4. Abigail Bowden, Whitefish

5. Grayson Butler, Whitefish

6. Kristen Hutz, Bigfork

7. Johan Buzzard, Glacier

Original Oratory

1. Libby Goldhirsch, Whitefish

2. Aidan Reid, Whitefish

3. Paige Moriarty, Columbia Falls

5. Haileigh Bayee, Columbia Falls

6. Sydney Fletcher, Glacier

Memorized Public Address

1. Emmalee Hellen, Columbia Falls

2. Grace Benkelman, Whitefish

6. Ty Espeseth, Glacier

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Naya Brigette, Whitefish

2. Jarrod Wutke, Glacier

3. Isaac Adams, Columbia Falls

4. Ruby Green, Glacier

5. Aryanna Allred, Glacier

6. Lucy Schindler, Whitefish

7. Gabby Pickert, Whitefish

8. Jane Trina, Glacier

Humorous Interpretation

2. Danika Tintzman, Whitefish

5. Isaac Lorenc, Glacier

6. Chris Breese, Glacier

7. Isaac Adams, Columbia Falls