Black Nurses Rock host Philadelphia Health Symposium

May 22, 2018 GMT

Black Nurses Rock (BNR) is an organization of African-American health care providers that are looking to inspire change in African-American communities.

The Philadelphia chapter hosted its inaugural Philadelphia Health Symposium. BNR members from Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Boston converged on Philadelphia for the event.

Dr. William Short, University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Kristopher Halsey of VITAS Healthcare participated as guest speakers during the symposium.

The mission of Black Nurses Rock is to raise awareness to the health disparities in the African-American community discussing topics surrounding HIV/AIDS, atrial fibrillation, life insurance, opioid abuse and other medical issues.

“Our symposium was a hospice of information to get the word out about many things making sure we hit the realm of people,” said Dr. Joanna Bryant, president of the Black Nurses Rock Philadelphia Chapter.

“We want to make sure that the information these current and future nurses get is information they’re able to share with someone else when they get back to their communities where ever they live,” Bryant added.

She discussed the importance of health symptoms because they can change not only the participants life but help them change someone else’s life with right medical knowledge in topics that impact African-Americans as a whole.

“Our mission statement is to give back to the elderly and the vulnerable community,” said Kungchiha Jeoboham, vice president of BNR Philadelphia Chapter.

“In Philadelphia there’s a lot of vulnerable members here that have HIV, STDS, elderly and even sick with multiple different diseases,” Jeoboham added.

Jeoboham said those individuals are considered vulnerable communities.

“The importance of having a traditional medical term policy versus a whole life policy” is one of the examples pertaining to life insurance many African-Americans are unaware of Jeoboham said.