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Old Show, New Voices on Bizarre Hour of “Late Night″

September 26, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ It may have been the ultimate ″stupid human trick″ when ″Late Night with David Letterman″ repeated an entire show with all new voices. Not funny voices or famous voices, just different voices.

NBC received about 250 calls from viewers on Friday, the most every generated by ″Late Night,″ and most callers expressed confusion, said network spokesman Peter Spivey. As for the point of the show, Spivey said, ″there never is a point.″

Letterman was on for two hours Thursday to fill the time slot vacated by Johnny Carson, whose 24th anniversary show was in prime time for the night.

Letterman’s first hour was a new show and the second hour, with all new voices, was a repeat of the Feb. 17 show with guests Raquel Welch and Sandra Bernhard.

″I didn’t expect that anyone would be confused by it,″ said ″Late Night″ writer Randy Cohen, who conceived the idea. ″To the extent that it was confusing I think I failed.

″One of the things I had hoped was that it would be a simple, elegant and amusing way of taking everything out of context and putting it in a whole new context,″ he said.

″This was such a basic, rock-solid foundation of the show, Dave’s identity, so once you alter that, I hoped it would alter everything about the show.″

Spivey said it took about 60 hours for four professional dubbers to redo every word of dialogue on the show.

Peter Fernandez, who does the voices on the syndicated Japanese cartoon series, ″Speed Racer,″ dubbed for Letterman, Spivey said.

Earl Hammond, who has dubbed for Jean-Paul Belmondo and Marcello Mastroianni, did Paul Shaffer and announcer Bill Wendell, while Corinne Orr did Ms. Welch and Mya Danziger did the voice of Ms. Bernhard.

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