Duke Energy leader speaks in Florence, says company will continue to invest in progress

November 16, 2017 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. – The leader of Duke Energy said Wednesday that her company, like Florence County, is going through a transformation. She said Duke Energy will continue to invest in the territories it serves.

Duke Energy President Lynn Good, who is also chairman and chief executive of the company, gave the keynote address at the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce’s annual Membership Luncheon on Wednesday afternoon.

Good spoke in front of hundreds of people including business leaders, chamber board members and ambassadors, city and county council members, and state representatives who gathered inside the Florence Center for the event.

She talked about Duke Energy’s contributions to South Carolina and its commitment to providing service to the Pee Dee region.

“We’ve been serving the region for over 100 years – 113 years to be exact,” Good said. “We have been a part of bringing power to lives and livelihood for a long period of time. We at Duke Energy are proud to be a part of this region.”

Good addressed the importance of economic development and community vitality in the region and how Duke Energy can contribute to those elements of growth and progress. She also recognized the revitalization process going on in the Florence community and talked about how Duke Energy is going through some changes of its own.

“It’s a period of transformation,” Good said. “There’s transformation occurring all along the value chain, from the way we make power to the way we deliver power to the expectations of customers.”

Good said business leaders and Duke Energy stakeholders can expect certain changes to come in order to better meet customer needs, create efficient energy infrastructure and invest in clean energy such as nuclear power. In the past month, Duke Energy announced a new program called “Power Forward Carolinas” which allows the company to invest $3 billion in energy infrastructure over the next 10 years.

Good added that Duke Energy will invest approximately $11 billion in gas infrastructure and renewable energy throughout all of its services territories, including Florida, North Carolina and the Midwest, over the next decade. Good also plans to continue to advocate for nuclear power as a clean source of energy moving forward.

“Our customers are expecting more from us,” Good said. “The demand has never been greater. We’re anxious to continue to grow the infrastructure in a way that provides a great foundation for the growth of the region and believe that this investment will be important for the success that all of you are trying to achieve.”

Fortune magazine lists Good as 11th among the “Most Powerful Women in Business,” and Forbes magazine calls her one of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” In 2016, she became the first regulated utility CEO designated as a LinkedIn Influencer – an online thought-leadership program.

Good has served as chief executive officer since 2013. Previously she served as Duke Energy’s chief financial officer, and earlier she led the company’s commercial energy businesses during its initial development of renewable energy projects. She began her utility career in 2003 with Cincinnati-based Cinergy, which merged with Duke Energy three years later. Prior to 2003, she was a partner at two international accounting firms.

Mike Miller, president of the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce, said that under Good’s leadership, Duke Energy has “intensified its focus on serving its customer and all of its communities while leading the way to a safe and responsible energy future.”

Miller also provided updates on the chamber’s happenings and how the organization is continuing to focus on its three major goals: supporting small business growth, becoming a part of community leadership and continuing its efforts toward education.

“We know education and workforce are what is going to drive growth in our Pee Dee and Florence County communities,” Miller said.