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Letter: Look beyond negative coverage and see reality

September 12, 2018

A social media post by a friend of mine sent out a “Thank you to the brave media for printing the Truth every day!” Let’s look at a recent Harvard study to see the validity of that post.

The New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CNN, ABC and CBS showed an average of over 90 percent negative coverage of the Trump administration. The Wall Street Journal and Fox News were 70 percent and 52 percent negative, respectively.

An average of the three previous presidents? About 50/50. A recent Gallup poll indicates 62 percent of Americans believe media bias is a serious problem. Citizens are willing to accept justified negative coverage but not to exclude fairness and accuracy.

The importance of the press can’t be overstated. We should be able to watch TV or read a paper and expect objectivity. That we cannot is tragic. The recent outcry from news agencies around the country crying “foul” for being criticized as fake news is largely falling on deaf ears, mostly because many citizens are sick of the biased reporting they are seeing every day.

Sometimes we must look beyond the “news” and see reality. Reduced unemployment, a booming economy, better trade deals, reduced taxes, improved border protection, respect for life. Are we willing to throw all that away because media says we should?

Jeff Erding, Wykoff