Harry Styles: My favorite songs are the most personal ones

September 17, 2017 GMT

Harry Styles’ favorite songs are the “most personal ones”.

The ‘Sweet Creature’ hitmaker wrote a number of tracks for his debut solo LP and enjoys being able to sing about things that mean a lot to him.

Speaking ahead of his performance at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, he said: “I think my favorite songs [are the most personal ones] but my favorite way to listen to music is on my own, with my eyes closed for example, or not. If I’m driving, or operating machinery, I usually keep them open.

“But my favorite song on the album, the last song, ‘From the Dining Table,’ is the most personal to me and I think my favorite one. But I don’t think they have to be. I think it’s just as important to have songs that are fun and make you feel great, and I think that’s just as important as everything being moody and deep and meaningful.”

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old singer previously revealed he found writing his debut solo album “therapeutic”.

He said: “I found it really therapeutic to write. Sitting at an instrument, you allow yourself to be vulnerable in a different way to speaking to ­anyone, even if you know them really well. I found it to be therapy - things that I’d either not thought about for a long time or hadn’t ­processed really because things had been moving so fast. I wanted to put out a piece of me that I haven’t put out before.”