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VALLEY SANTA: Grandmother Seeks Gifts For Autistic Step-grandson

December 21, 2018 GMT

Three-year-old Josh was born to parents who are drug addicts and Luzerne County Children & Youth removed him from his home.

He initially lived with his paternal grandmother until he was 8 months old. Then, she decided she did not want to raise a child and gave him back to Children & Youth.

He was then placed in a foster home and after six months, he was moved to another foster home.

While he was in foster care, his step-grandmother Ellen fought for custody of him and hired two attorneys.

After a long fight, she was granted custody. Then, her husband filed for divorce.

As a single grandmother raising her step-grandson who has autism, Ellen asked for some assistance. She wrote a letter to Valley Santa asking if Josh could receive a Christmas present. He likes toy trucks and board games.

“I love Josh to the moon and back,” she wrote. “My ex-husband, Josh’s paternal grandfather, has nothing to do with him nor does anyone for that matter. His mother and father have not seen him in two years and have not contacted me to see how he is.”

Ellen works full-time and does not receive any assistance from the state. Josh now goes to preschool every day.

“He has been through so much and different foster homes,” she wrote. “He is my joy, my life. I just can’t believe his own family wanted nothing to do with him.”