Nevada carpool lane violators getting busted more often

December 26, 2019 GMT

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A new regulation allowing Nevada troopers to enforce carpool lane rules around-the-clock has led to a flurry of tickets for motorists over the last six months.

More than 2,500 citations were issued for carpool lane violations near Las Vegas from June 20-Dec. 12, according to figures provided by the Nevada Highway Patrol. Troopers issued about 600 of those violations to drivers who crossed double white lanes, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

The new rules allowing enforcement of the rules at any time went into effect June 20 for about 22 miles of highway in the Las Vegas area. Previously, the rules were only enforced during peak driving hours.

Data show cars driving in the carpool lanes on U.S. 95 are going about 8 mph faster than normal lanes, said Kristina Swallow, director of the Nevada Department of Transportation. That’s a safe difference, she said.