Walz to release more daily details, but not full calendar

June 14, 2019 GMT

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Tim Walz plans to release additional details about what he does each day, but won’t publicize full details about his daily calendar.

Walz currently only provides updates on his daily public events. His office said Friday that he’ll disclose more appearances before groups, even if he doesn’t make a speech.

But the governor’s office has denied media requests for his full calendar, despite Walz’s earlier promises for transparency and repeated statements about the need for more openness in government.

His office says calendars are classified as private data.


The state’s public records law narrowly defines what information about government employees is public. An employee’s calendar is not within that narrow scope.

Former Govs. Tim Pawlenty and Mark Dayton also denied requests to see their daily calendars.