Man Arrested in Broomfield Wanted in Connection to Northglenn Homicide

April 18, 2018

Broomfield police arrested a man late Wednesday morning who state officials were seeking in connection to a Northglenn homicide. Details of the homicide are unclear.

Sgt. Steve Griebel said the Colorado Department of Correction’s Fugitive Unit called Broomfield police Wednesday morning with the information that someone who may have been involved in the homicide was at an apartment near West 6th Avenue and Alter Street in Broomfield.

About 11:30 a.m., DOC officers and Broomfield police planned to go to the apartment to contact the man. As they were doing so, they saw the man, a female and an infant she was carrying.

The trio got in a vehicle and police made a felony car stop near 6th Avenue and Poppy Way, a few blocks away. At that time the female was taken into custody and the man jumped back inside the vehicle, Griebel said, which held the 1-year-old child.

The man drove away,and police did not pursue the vehicle, Griebel said. There were communication issues with police radios at the time that prohibited police from getting all the information they needed.

There was an officer near 120th Boulevard and Sheridan Avenue who saw the vehicle heading east on West 120th at a high rate of speed, Griebel said, and turning right to go south on Sheridan Boulevard.

At West 118th Avenue, the driver crashed into a UPS truck. The driver was injured, police said.

The officer pursing the man took him into custody after a fight that left the driver with cuts to his face, Griebel said. The officer was uninjured.

The child was checked for injuries, he said, and appears to be uninjured.

Broomfield police did not release the name of the suspect since the case originated with the DOC.

Broomfield victims advocates arrived at the scene to help with the child, but it is unclear where he or she was taken. It also is unclear who the child’s parents or guardians are.

“It’s still really active,” Griebel said of the investigation.

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