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My Patriot Supply Reviews – Are They Legit?

July 31, 2020 GMT

: Salt Lake City, UT, July 31, 2020 (Wiredrelease) My Patriot Supply:- If recent events have caused you to start thinking about emergency preparedness, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are starting to see that they werent prepared for a pandemic, let alone an earthquake, flood, or the myriad other catastrophic events that might happen at any time. Click here to get My Patriot Supply Products for a special discounted price today.

Why Should You Care About Emergency Preparedness?

Preparing for an emergency isnt about being scared; its about being ready. When disaster strikes, you dont want to be worrying about not having basic supplies you want to be focused on keeping your family safe. My Patriot Supply ensures that youll have the basics food, water, and emergency supplies at the ready and can focus on more important things.


My Patriot Supplys survival food also comes in handy for more mundane life events too. Extended power outages, contaminated water (see Flint, Michigan), or even just heavy rain and snow can easily interrupt food and water supply for several days at time. My Patriot supply helps make sure you survive those days without worry.

To decide what exactly you want in your own survival kit, check out our My Patriot Supply reviews below. Click here to get My Patriot Supply Products for a special discounted price today.

My Patriot Supply Overview

My Patriot Supplys founder are long-time survivalists and started the Company to share their knowledge with others who want to be prepared. My Patriot Supply started in 2008 with a basic survival food kit, but has since expanded to survival equipment, medical supplies and more. Just about anything you might need to survive a natural disaster or an act of war can be purchased on their website.

My Patriot Supply is not just about food and gear their typical customer is heavily focused on self-reliance. According to the Company, being able to rely on yourself alone is ultimate freedom, and the Company is driven to help its customers achieve that kind of independence.

The Company also frequently publishes guides and tips for preparing for a crisis and encourages readers to think ahead. Check out their checklists to strategize about the best emergency plan for you and your family.

Why My Patriot Supply?

My Patriot supply is grounded in self-reliance rather than fearmongering (like many brands in the space) and offers arguably the highest-quality products in the industry at middle-of-the-road prices with high-touch customer service. If youre new to survivalism or emergency preparedness, My Patriot Supply is a welcoming community with countless guides and checklists to learn the essentials. They even offer a newsletter called Survival Scout Tips that offers interesting takes on current and historical events relating to preparedness to help you gain knowledge and experience as a prepper. They also offer detailed recommendations for your particular situation based on things like your family size and the natural disasters likely to take place in your geographic region.


Perhaps most importantly, My Patriot Supplys foods are the most calorie-dense available. Their three-month emergency food supply, for example, contains over 182,040 calories more than 2,000 calories per day for three entire months! This is literally more than double some competitors three-month kits, which apparently assume youll want to be very hungry during those three months. And the Company offers this kit at a reasonable price of $797. On a cost per calorie basis, My Patriot Supply actually offers more for your money than competitors like Patriot Pantry who might appear cheaper, but whose foods have significantly less calories. And when it comes to survival, I would never buy something just because I thought it would save some money. Click here to get My Patriot Supply Products for a special discounted price today.

What Products Does My Patriot Supply Offer?

My Patriot Supply offers a huge variety of emergency food, food storage solutions and survival gear. My Patriot Supply believes that survival food can taste good too and offers a wide variety of meals packed with flavor. If youve ever tasted a gritty MRE (which stands for meal ready to eat) before, be prepared to be surprised. My Patriot Supply offers real food like black bean burgers, nuts, dried fruits, and pancakes to name a few. The last thing you want under the stress of trying to survive is unpalatable food, and My Patriot Supply realizes this.

Long-Term Food Storage

My Patriot Supply offers long-term food storage solutions, including a 3-month Emergency Food Supply, a 6-Month Emergency Food Supply and a 1-Year Emergency Food Supply. These kits all contain enough food to eat at least 2,000 calories per day and get all the protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need. They are also conveniently broken down into breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals and generally are easy to make. The 3-Month Emergency Food Supply, for example, contains:

Creamy Stroganoff (36 Servings) Powdered Whey Milk (96 Servings) Creamy Alfredo Pasta (36 Servings) Maple Grove Oatmeal (96 Servings) Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice (60 Servings) Mac Cheese (36 Servings) Buttermilk Pancakes (120 Servings) Long Grain White Rice (120 Servings) Cheesy Broccoli Soup (48 Servings) Chocolate Pudding (60 Servings) Strawberry Flavored Creamy Wheat (144 Servings) Orange Energy Drink Mix (72 Servings)

Long-Term Food Storage

My Patriot Supply also offers short-term food storage products, including a 72-Hour Kit, a 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can, a 2-Week Emergency Food Supply, and a 4-Week Emergency Food Supply. These kits all contain enough food for at least 2,000 calories per day and contain similar menu items (including real meat and bread options) as the long-term food storage options.

#10 Can Food Packs

#10 cans are about five times as large as a normal soup can and offer convenience and portability. #10 cans are great for feeding larger groups or even bartering for other items you might need in a crisis. I expect that most survival kits should contain a least a few dozen #10 cans, and I ordered a few while writing this review to increase my stockpile.

Heirloom Seeds

My Patriot Supply is perhaps best known for its initial product, heirloom seeds. For the uninitiated, heirloom seeds are usually 50 years old or older and have been handed down by biologists and survivalist. Selecting these seed is somewhat of an art, and the Company has developed a wide variety of heirloom seeds capable of growing:

Fruit Vegetables Herbs Edible wildflowers Heirloom Garden Kits with all-in-one seed combinations for creating a robust herb garden, all the ingredients you need for salsa, and even tea)

The seeds are shipped in an organic seed vault, which can preserve the seed for more than five years while in storage. The company also often has limited-edition seed kits with more exotic plants (they had potatoes recently, for example).

Water Filtration

The My Patriot Supply brand sells water jugs and water filters but relies on Alexapure for water filtration needs. The Alexpure products included in certain My Patriot Supply kits include:

Alexapure Pitcher Alexapure Go Bottle Alexapure Survival Spring (a miniature water filter than can be carried on the go) Alexa Home (a home-based system that connects to your faucet) Alexapure Pro Water Filter (a standalone gravity-based water filtration system)


My Patriot Supply is the first company to offer a coffee product with a 25-year shelf life. Although coffee might be a luxury in a survival situation, its a luxury wed be happy to have! Theres also ample evidence that humans think and perform better with a bit of caffeine in their system, so it might serve a practical purpose as well (and its just not for breakfast). When youre trying to stay alive, every little bit helps.

Other Survival Products

My Patriot Supply has an ever-growing catalog of emergency gear, currently including:

Air purifiers First aid and medical supplies Cooking ware Survival books

What is Shelf Life of My Patriot Supply Survival Foods?

My Patriot Supplys food has a shelf-life of at least 25 years. This far exceeds competitors, whose emergency food kits typically last about five years. This makes emergency prep essentially a one and done event (OK, maybe two or three times and done depending on your age, but still beats needing to replace all of your emergency supplies every five years). I could see selecting My Patriot Supply over competitors for shelf life alone. Click here to get My Patriot Supply Products for a special discounted price today.

Does My Patriot Supply Offer Any Discounts?

Yes! The Company offers a generous 10% discount to former and current members of the U.S. military through the ID Discount System.

What Shipping Options Does My Patriot Supply Offer?

The Company offers free shipping within the US (except Hawaii and Alaska) for all orders over $99. They boast that all orders ship within 24 hours of purchase, so even free shipping should arrive within several days. (they shipped my order the same day and I had it within two days.) There is also an option to select guaranteed two-day delivery, which is critical if disaster is imminent. Some (but not all) My Patriot Supply products are also available on Amazon, and it would stand to reason that Prime members could usually get free two-day shipping.

What Is My Patriot Supplys Return Policy?

My Patriot Supply accepts returns of products still in their original packaging for up to 45 days after your purchase. Unfortunately, one of the cons of My Patriot Supply is the fact that they do not pay for return shipping. I did see that they are willing to grant exceptions in certain circumstances as well.

Final Verdict

If you want to get prepared for an emergency with premium supplies, My Patriot Supply is one of the best vendors in the industry. Their emergency food kits have the longest shelf-life available, and they have the largest selection of heirloom seeds of any company weve reviewed. They also have one of the largest selections of food and drinks, and a growing catalog of survival gear (including many hard to find items). Overall, I would give Patriot Supply high marks in every category that matters. Click here to get My Patriot Supply Products for a special discounted price today.

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