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Crosby ISD adapts to bus driver shortage

February 2, 2019

Crosby ISD parents have had more numbers to keep track of lately.

Several announcements about bus changes have been posted on the Crosby ISD Facebook page in the past week.

A message posted on the morning of Jan. 25 reads, “CKC (Crosby Kindergarten Center) students who ride #50 will be picked up by #75. CKC students who ride Bus #s 22, 32, and 35 will be picked up by Bus #412. CKC students who ride #32 will be picked up by #51 this morning.”

An announcement posted on the afternoon of Jan. 28 reads, “CES (Crosby Elementary School) Students who normally ride Bus 75 will be on Bus 26 this afternoon. Bus 26 will first run its regular route then return for #75. Bus #35 students will be on Bus #412.”

Viviana Killion, Director of Community Relations for Crosby ISD, said that the district is experiencing a bus driver shortage (a problem which she said is not unique to Crosby ISD), so the district has been combining routes.

“We want to make sure that parents know, so that if the bus doesn’t make it home at the same time, they know why,” she said.

Crosby ISD has been publicizing openings for bus drivers. It posted a flyer on its Facebook page letting people know of openings for bus drivers.

Killion said those efforts, likely combined with the publicity of all the bus changes, has brought in an increased number of applicants in the past week.

“Of course, parents would rather have a dedicated route and not have to deal with the changes,” she said. “But, if it has to happen, I think they appreciate being notified versus not knowing when to expect their kid at their house or putting them on a bus number that they’re not sure if that’s the bus they should be on.”

People from other departments have been assisting the transportation department with driving buses.

“We’re thankful that we’ve got people from different departments that are willing to come in and assist and take time out of their day and their regular duties to come do that with us,” Killion said. “It’s been a good opportunity for us to work together and pitch in and fill the need.”