Tape Art Crew Designing New Temporary Mural In W-B

July 18, 2018 GMT

WILKES-BARRE— The Tape Art Crew, founded almost 30 years ago in Providence, Rhode Island, has completed over 500 murals throughout the world. Those murals, however, aren’t permanent as each one is removed within 24 hours of its completion.

The Sordoni Art Gallery at Wilkes University and the Tape Art Crew are designing a new mural for this month’s Art Block, held on the third Friday of the month.

Heather Sincavage, an interdisciplinary artist and the executive director of the Sordoni Art Gallery, has known about the Tape Art Crew for years. She commissioned them to create a temporary mural on the building’s exterior brick walls.

“We want the arts to be accessible to anybody and everybody,” Sincavage said. “Often times we’re doing exhibitions inside the gallery and that’s great. But, there is so much more to art than that. We want people to walk up and get involved. There is this great contingency of public art out there and really creative ways of creating it, like the Tape Art Crew, and I’m psyched about them being here because it allows me to get out of the office and get my hands dirty.”

Tuesday’s rain didn’t stop any creativity either as volunteers along with the Tape Art Crew created pieces of the mural inside the gallery that were moved outside once the exterior walls dried.

Michael Townsend, one of the founders of the Tape Art Crew, worked on the mural and said they wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Sincavage.

“There are a lot of walls in the world and if we’re fortunate enough someone will turn on the light bulb for this moth,” Townsend said. “Luckily, this gallery has a forward-thinking curator who has taken the time to look over the horizon and bring in our example of really interesting street art. For us, the definition of art is the triangle between the work, the maker and the viewer and all three have to be together for the art to be at its best. So once the work is done, the triangle is over.”

Townsend compared the process to a professional dancer training for weeks for a one-night performance.

Many students volunteered to assist the Tape Art Crew. Wilkes University student Jesse Elliott, who works at the gallery and is a double major in finance and political science, was helping out because he thinks tape art is really cool.

“Even though I work for the gallery, I’m not very artistic,” Elliott said. “But that’s what is so great about the tape art, you don’t have to be absolutely skilled at art to participate and I really enjoy seeing the way everything comes together. The Art Block is a great community event, especially in a place like Wilkes-Barre, where everyone is kind of scattered. It’s cool to have something like this bring everyone together.”

For Wilkes University Provost Anne Skleder, it was the first time seeing tape art.

“Our goal is to have more and more members of the community come experience a certain type of art for the first time and then want to come back,” Skleder said.

The Wilkes-Barre Art Block takes place at 5:30 p.m. Friday, July 20. For information, visit http://www.facebook.com/artblockwb. For information on the Tape Art Crew, visit http://www.tapeart.com.

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