Amused for the holidays: Eat snow

December 22, 2018

“It’s snowing! It’s actually snowing!”

In New Mexico, this declaration is enough to make even the most fair-weather people jump out of their seats and go run to the window. Snow carries a magic that enchants us all, bringing with it the promise of everything from sledding to wandering through silent, fairy tale-frosted landscapes.

My favorite memories of snow always involve eating it. Just as snow reawakens our childlike sense of wonder, it also reduces us — or at least me — to that juvenile phase where I put anything and everything in my mouth.

Fortunately, snow is usually safe to consume. Unless, of course, it’s yellow. Or in contact with asphalt. Please use your best judgment.

Here are some of my well-curated, self-tested recipes for eating snow. If the weather gods forgive us for whatever crimes we committed last year, and it really snows in Santa Fe this winter, I hope you will find the following treats as delicious as I have.


Requires: Maple syrup, stove, clean patch of snow.

Procedure: Heat desired quantity of maple syrup until nearly boiling, then simmer until it begins to thicken. When the texture resembles that of molasses, drop it by the spoonful into a clean patch of snow. Patiently wait 3 minutes. Pluck candies out of snow and enjoy.


Requires: Fruit juice, clean snow.

Procedure: Scoop snow into bowl or cup of choice. Splash with fruit juice. Eat with spoon. Alternatively, pour juice straight on snow and eat off ground with spoon.


Requires: Powdered sugar and clean, packable snow.

Procedure: Make snowball. Before it has a chance to melt, dust with powdered sugar. Eat. Fast.

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