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Student donates more than $250 to teacher’s child with kidney illness

December 13, 2018 GMT

SYCAMORE – A Sycamore third-grader decided to forego presents this year and instead asked her family and friends to donate to a cause that will help her teacher’s daughter.

Jordan Lisafeld, 9, of Sycamore, presented the donations to NephCure her birthday celebration raised in honor of Devyn Hueber, 5, of Sycamore, who has a rare kidney disease called Nephrotic Syndrome. Jordan raised more than $250 in lieu of birthday presents, according to Kyla Hueber, Jordan’s third-grade teacher at Southeast Elementary School in Sycamore.

Hueber said her daughter, Devyn, was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome before her third birthday, and that her students know that sometimes she has to get a substitute teacher so she can make Devyn’s doctor’s appointments. Hueber said Jordan and her mother, Alicia Lisafeld, met with her after school on Friday and told her that Jordan decided on her own that she wanted to raise money for the only group that researches the rare disease – to which Hueber immediately started crying over the gesture, she said.

“I was just shocked,” Hueber said. “I was just so happy and surprised. I couldn’t believe that a third grader would think to do that and that a third grader could be so selfless and put others before themselves.”

Hueber said her daughter was super excited that someone even just thought of her and to come into the classroom to thank Jordan on Monday. While the gift itself was a surprise, she said, Jordan being so giving didn’t surprise her since she’s kind to everyone.

Alicia Lisafeld, Sycamore resident and Jordan’s mother, did not immediately return requests for comment from Daily Chronicle.

Hueber said Devyn takes several medications each day, including steroids and anti-rejections, that compromise her immune system. Since the medications are not working as well as they should lately, she said, Devyn will begin a 12-week round of chemotherapy next month.

After getting that kind of news, it was a nice lift in holiday spirits to get good news, Hueber said.

“Having Jordan coming in with this generous gift really just made our day,” Hueber said.