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Get to Know: Jennifer Strand

Brandon StoneMarch 4, 2019

Name: Jennifer Strand

Age: 61

Residence: Clear Lake

Occupation: Math intervention teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, working with first- through fifth-graders. “Children who need a little extra boost come here.”

Family: Lives with her husband, mother and father-in-law. Has three children and nine grandchildren.

Hobbies: Gardening, hiking, spending time with family.

Best part of living in Skagit County: “We get to be close to family. That’s the best part for us.”

One thing that brightens my day: “When I’m at work and a student says ‘Oh, now I get it!’ You just feel like ‘Wow, I really helped someone today.’”

When I was younger, I wanted to be: An astronaut. Strand said she was inspired by the Cold War-era race to land on the moon, but was told she wouldn’t qualify because of her eyesight. “I’m practically blind without glasses.”

First job: Worked at a pharmacy in Concrete. “I was a soda jerk at a drugstore, making milkshakes and getting prescriptions.”

Best job: Teaching. Before being a math interventionist, she taught second grade at Jefferson, and taught for many years before that in Eastern Washington.

Person I admire most: Her husband of 43 years, Don. “He’s the most generous, kind person I know, and he can talk to anyone.”

The world would be a better place: “If we could all just figure out a way to get along. It would have a ripple effect, I think.”

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