2 Uihlein-funded conservative groups spending for Vukmir

September 28, 2018 GMT

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Two conservative groups funded by Republican megadonor Richard Uihlein are spending money to help Leah Vukmir for the first time since she defeated Uihlein’s preferred candidate in the August primary.

America’s PAC launched a $130,000 radio ad campaign this week and Restoration PAC said it was spending $200,000 on digital ads.

Much attention has been focused on whether Uihlein would get behind Vukmir after he spent an estimated $11 million to back her opponent, Kevin Nicholson.

Nicholson earlier this month sent a message to supporters urging them to get behind Vukmir in her race against Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

After she won the primary, Vukmir said she hoped Uihlein would continue “continue with his commitment,” even though she had previously accused him of trying to buy the Senate seat.