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Faces of Greenwich: Andrew Ma is studying physics at Princeton

December 31, 2017 GMT

J: So you’re in college now?

A: Yeah.

J: Where do you go to school?

A: Princeton.

J: What are you studying?

A: Physics.

J: What do you want to do?

A: I’m still deciding, probably grad school.

J: And do you know what you want to do after that?

A: I’m interested in condensed matter and applied physics. I still have some time to think about the details.

J: What year are in you in?

A: I’m a junior. I still have some time to think about that, but in general I’m interested in — I’m just really enjoying my classes and doing research. In general I’m interested in going to grad school in an area related to that.

J: So what part of Greenwich do you live in?

A: Riverside.

J: And did you grow up here?

A: I was born in California. I lived in California for five years and came over to the East Coast to Greenwich… I came here at the start of kindergarten. I went to North Mianus, then Eastern (Middle School), then GHS.

J: Well, I hope you’re not studying your whole break.

A: Not quite the whole break, but a lot of it.

J: Do you have any plans for New Year’s Eve?

A: We are going to do something with some family friends.

J: Are you going to the city or anything?

A: We are going to be around here. I think in Stamford somewhere.

J: And how long are you home for?

A: From school? For three weeks.

J: Has this semester been busy?

A: Yeah, it’s been pretty busy. Junior year’s been pretty busy. We have finals after winter break, so I’m actually still in the semester right now.

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