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Orchids and Onions: Friday, January 25, 2019

January 25, 2019 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to transparency. As a Havasu resident I demand a public post from the city officials as to why the concrete dividers are being installed on Lake Havasu Avenue. Is this just a political move in order to receive other pending projects? Please everyone, get on board with this request and make the city operations more public.

Orchids to CPB-ICE Keep up the good work...you are very much appreciated.

Orchids to the onion about the Club Poobah and his tiny gang of followers. If this is about the Club on the South Side, I agree totally! Completely inept, delusional and secretive. If not, then this city has many poorly managed charitable organizations.


Orchids to Cathy at the Black Bear. After a meltdown by our child, we left the diner. He wanted to eat there, so he bravely returned and apologized to Cathy, who very graciously accepted it. She made our dinner enjoyable by all of us. She must be a super Grandmother!

Orchid to Kary Kraig Design. Very fair business and stands behind his product. Dee

Orchids to Vickie Meeh for doing such a super job organizing the venders at the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival year after year.

Orchids to HRMC for opening the cafeteria on the weekends. We really appreciate it.

Orchids to Cassidy and Courtney at Chili’s. Cassidy for remembering me after all that time, great memory! Courtney for great service today with my friends. Chili’s is lucky to have two conscientious young ladies like you both.

Onions to at least two Arizona flags flying upside down. The blue field is for the Colorado River, not the sky. Or -- is this a distress signal?

Onions to all the weeds this year! Scorpion weed in full bloom already! Let’s get after them, folks! Vinegar and a little Dawn in a spray bottle will do it.

Onions to Balloon Fest not being on the island! No fly overs, no sky divers! Pilots limited to an asphalt parking lot! Let the pilots run the show!

Orchids to Anderson Toyota, (especially Joe Collins, service and parts manager, and Lacey Hamper, service advisor) along with all the technicians that worked to fix my daughter’s car. My daughter and I are very thankful for all your help in this matter. A Father

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