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Closing arguments, jury deliberations set for Monday to end Abbott murder trial

April 28, 2018 GMT

Jurors hearing testimony in the murder trial of Emerson Mack Abbott Jr., will wait until Monday to hear closing arguments before beginning deliberations toward a verdict.

Abbott is accused of killing James Steven Reeves, 69, and his wife Myra Reeves, 71, in January of 2015. The couple was shot to death at their home on Terhune Road.

The defense called just two witnesses to the stand Friday before resting it’s case.

Defense attorney Wade Hoyt IV called Cody Jackson to the stand and played a videotape of a police interview with Jackson where the witness said he and his brother had spoken with someone he knew as JR who seemed to know a lot of details about the murder. JR referred to the defendant, Emerson Mack Abbott Jr.

At one point during the interview, Jackson said JR “knew every detail about it.” He said JR described the male victim as having apparently been shot through a door while the female was shot in the head.

Jackson was asked during the interview where JR got the information from and Jackson said he took it as if JR had been talking with the police and that detectives had told him about the slaying.

Abbott’s father, Emerson Mack Abbott was the only other defense witness. He testified that his son had done some tree cutting work with him the past. Police have claimed that the younger Abbott forced Myra Reeves to write him a check for $7,500 for tree work before he killed the couple.

During the cross examination, Assistant District Attorney Luke Martin asked the elder Abbott if his son had ever asked him to borrow any equipment or had any conversation with his son about cutting trees for the Reeves. The response was no to each query. The father testified that it had been at least five or six years since his son had done any tree work with him.

Floyd Superior Court Judge J. Bryant Durham told the jury to report back to court at 9 a.m. Monday for closing arguments.