It’s almost that time when some people have a blast

June 24, 2018 GMT

According to the state fire marshal’s office, 14 permits have been issued to nine fireworks retailers in Norfolk.

Retailers must pay both a $25 fee for each stand to both the state and the city, and a $200 occupation tax to the city. In Norfolk, operators of fireworks stands also must have a $1 million insurance policy to cover possible incidents of both bodily harm and property damage.

In Norfolk, the public can light fireworks from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. from Monday, June 25, through Wednesday, July 4. On the holiday itself, the time is extended to midnight.

After that, fireworks stands will close for the summer and no more explosions or fireworks will be legally permitted until shortly before New Year’s Day.

Fireworks, by their nature, can be dangerous, officials said. According to the state fire marshal, there were 192 injuries related to fireworks reported from June 25 to July 5 last year in Nebraska. The most common injuries caused by fireworks are burns.

Norfolkans and area residents are reminded that it is against the law to transport fireworks across state lines, except by licensed distributors and manufacturers.

State law also prohibits certain types of fireworks from being sold and discharged. Those types include some wire sparklers, night-time parachutes, rockets launched into the air that ignite on the way down due to atmospheric friction, and firecrackers with more than 50 milligrams of explosive material.

Here are 14 fireworks stands in Norfolk, according to the state fire marshal’s records:

— Pyro Monkeys, 408 W. Omaha Ave.

— Marv’s Firework’s, 2105 Kensington Drive

— Ka-Boomers, 801 Riverside Blvd. and 1308 Omaha Ave.

— JCSBNDF Inc., 1221 Omaha Ave.

— Wild Willy’s Fireworks, 1900 Center Drive

— Fly By Night Fireworks, 103 E Norfolk Ave., 1000 Riverside Blvd., 601 S. 25th St., and 1305 Center Drive

— Christensen Fireworks, 2107 Taylor Ave.

— TNT Fireworks, 2400 W. Pasewalk Ave.

— Bellino Fireworks, 1900 Center Drive, and 120 E. Norfolk Ave.