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State trooper’s random act of kindness caught on tape in Cleveland

February 23, 2017 GMT

A Texas state trooper’s act of kindness earlier this week was captured on video, which is now making its way around social media websites.

The video, posted on a Facebook page called Sheriff Deputies, shows Kevin Saintes, a trooper trainee with the Conroe East division of the Texas Department of Public Safety, purchasing a meal for an unknown homeless couple at a Cleveland restaurant. The video was shot by another diner, who can be heard telling Saintes as he leaves the restaurant, “You rock!”

For those who know Saintes, his actions come as no surprise, according to DPS Communications Sgt. Erik Burse.

“I know Kevin. He wouldn’t have thought twice about helping someone. That’s the kind of person he is and it goes back to the way he was raised. That type of behavior starts at the home; it starts at the dinner table,” said Burse, adding that Saintes’ actions are not isolated incidents in the law enforcement community.

“Law enforcement officers do this kind of stuff all the time. People forget we have hearts just like everyone else. We see a lot of bad things during the day so whenever we have a chance to do something good, we try to do it,” Burse said.

He pointed to DPS working with Montgomery County officials to put together a food bank.

“A bunch of us participated in this. There are times when we see people in need on the side of the road and we always dig into our pockets to help. By pitching together, we created a resource and now we just have to make a call to get them clothes, food, toothbrushes and other items,” Burse said.

When called for comment, Saintes appeared humbled by the attention the video is gaining online.

“God has done a lot for me. I’ve been given so much so I try to give back,” he said. “You never know if the person you are helping is feeling like they aren’t worth anything that day. You don’t know if they are at the edge. I just want to push them away from the edge and show them that there are police officers out here who care and aren’t doing things to get placed on a pedestal.”

Saintes is five months into a year-long probationary period with DPS. If he successfully completes the year, he will become a full-fledged state trooper. Prior to joining DPS, he worked as a deputy for the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office and a police officer for Humble Police Department.

Saintes and his family live in Shepherd. His father, Bernie Saintes, is a veteran police officer who works as a patrol sergeant for Spring ISD.

The video can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/SheriffDeputies/videos/636602286523623/