Your Turn: Jan. 29

January 29, 2019

Hang up on deathOption 1: Text and drive, crash, maybe die, kill or injure, create road rage, get a ticket and/or go to jail.Option 2: Drive and use Bluetooth, please.Phillip HoogeSo much winningAll this winning. Donald Trump is right. I’m tired now.As tired as I am, I cannot be as tired as those 800,000 federal workers who were not getting paid but were forced to work.I am, however, very tired of everything for which he stands and for his complete failure to heal this nation as a good leader would. I sent him a copy of Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming,” in the hopes he will learn how to become the adult in the room.I have no hope of him becoming anything other than a blip in our history that is gone in 2020 — it can’t come fast enough!Valerie OverstreetBecause he saidThere is a Latin phrase that defines “truths” by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani: “ipse dixit.”Latin for “He, himself, said it,” meaning the only proof we have is that this person said it.Chuck MireDonates his salaryRe: “What will it take?” Your Turn, Tuesday:The letter from Rolando Antonio asked what it would take for President Donald Trump to realize the funds for his wall will not be raised. He further stated that the president is still getting a paycheck.A little research, along with a little knowledge, would have informed him that the president is not receiving a check now or previously. I believe his entire salary is donated to charity. Why present something as fact with insufficient knowledge?William MilamSocialized medicineLiberal Democrats call their proposals “Medicare for all” or “single-payer” medical. Whatever. To paraphrase an old line about roses, “‘Socialized medicine’ by any other name is “socialized medicine.’”Damon Ball

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