FBI informant testifies in Boston terror trial

September 27, 2017

An FBI informant testifying in the David Wright terrorism trial in federal court in Boston yesterday described his correspondence with the defendant in a plot to behead a conservative blogger who had staged a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas.

Using the alias Yusuf Ali, the informant testified yesterday that he and Wright communicated online for about 18 months.

Ali said he didn’t initially think Wright, who had “actually rejected the Boston bombings,” was a threat. But he said Wright became more radicalized over time.

Prosecutors allege Wright, 28, of Everett, his uncle Usaamah Rahim, 26, and another man agreed to kill Pamela Geller in 2015. The plot wasn’t carried out. Rahim was shot dead by police and federal agents in June 2015 in a Boston parking lot as he approached them with a large knife, allegedly after threatening to behead officers.

Wright’s attorney has portrayed him as a lost young man who became consumed by the Islamic State group in an attempt to escape reality.