France: Activists seek Macron’s help for new Calais migrants

June 16, 2017 GMT

PARIS (AP) — Prominent French actors, lawmakers and others are appealing to President Emmanuel Macron to stop pressure on migrants again converging on Calais after the closure of a wretched camp that came to symbolize Europe’s migration crisis.

The national rights ombudsman this week denounced mounting pressure on 500 to 600 migrants currently estimated in the port city, a magnet for people fleeing war and poverty and trying to reach Britain. He said they are being barred access to water and routinely awakened throughout the night.

The performers and others published a letter to Macron on Friday and launched a petition urging a “dignified migration policy” and end to a “sort of manhunt” against the migrants.

The local administration said in a statement that it is trying to fight migrant smuggling and preserve public order.