Celtics notebook: Gerald Green lights up four 3’s in one quarter

March 25, 2017 GMT

Gerald Green became the second Celtic this season to hit four 3-pointers in a quarter — even including a four-point play last night — during the second quarter of a 130-120 win over Phoenix.

The first was the unlikely Amir Johnson, whose four-trey third quarter against Chicago on Nov. 3 truly opened eyes.

The feat is more expected from Green, who has been known to go off from time to time.

“I’m a fan of Gerald’s. I’m one of the guys that wanted him here,” said guard Isaiah Thomas. “So I know what he’s capable of doing if given the opportunity, with getting his shots and being put in position to be successful, he can go off like the best of them.”

Micah thinks UMass

As of last night, Celtics assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry hadn’t heard back from UMass officials regarding their still open men’s basketball job.

It’s unclear what the administration will do in the wake of Winthrop coach Pat Kelsey’s decision to pull out of the job on Thursday, not long before he was supposed to be introduced as the Minutemen’s new coach.

Shrewsberry interviewed for just over a week before Kelsey initially accepted it, and was under the impression he was going back for a second interview. It was unclear whether Shrewsberry was a finalist for the job.

Bradley bugged out

Flu season hasn’t been kind to the Celtics, with Avery Bradley the latest casualty. The guard, suffering from a stomach illness, was checked into the hospital yesterday and held overnight.

Players in the past who have had their illnesses treated this way, with Tyler Zeller ending up for a prolonged period with a bug that started as a sinus infection, are usually hooked up to an IV to get a steady supply of hydration.

“Hopefully he’ll be home soon and can get some rest. It’s been kind of going around, so hopefully it stops soon,” said coach Brad Stevens.

It also may be the only way to get Bradley ready for tomorrow’s game at the Garden against Miami, a team that could easily end up as the Celtics’ first-round playoff opponent.

“All I ask is, ‘Who is available?’ and then I hope he’s OK soon,” said Stevens. “The medical team said he was checked out by our doctors and was over at the hospital.”

Butler didn’t do it

Butler began its Sweet 16 loss to North Carolina last night while Stevens was still in his office, though not for long.

In this instance, his wife Tracey, son Brady, and Shrewsberry’s two children were his eyes and ears, all of them on hand for the game at FedExForum in Memphis.

“I’ve got a job to do. I’ll focus on my job,” said Stevens. “But I’m sure at halftime that my eyes will see what the score is. It’s a great opportunity for them and I’m thrilled for them.”

Told that some suspect Doc Rivers once purposely got thrown out of a game in New Jersey so he could watch the Masters, Stevens smiled.

“I can’t predict the future but I sure hope not,” he said. “I have a job to do and I focus on that job. I certainly have a vested rooting interest in tonight’s game. I enjoyed the fact that everyone has been talking about the other three teams all week.”

Butler got routed by North Carolina, 92-80.

Brown pushed in lineup

Jaylen Brown started for Bradley, which falls in line with how Stevens has used the rookie recently. Though Brown logged time at power forward, he’s more a swing player between small forward and big guard.

“I think when he and Jae (Crowder) play together, we’ll play Jae at the 4 on offense because he knows it. He’s been here for a few years, so it’s easier to know multiple spots like that,” said Stevens. “They’re both interchangeable defensively, but if we’ve been small with Jaylen at the 4, it hasn’t been quite as good, so we really try to just keep it as simple as possible. Threes and 2’s have to know the same stuff in what we’re doing on both ends of the floor. I think that’s made the transition a little smoother and easier.

“We haven’t played Jaylen at the 4 hardly at all since the preseason. There have been some moments — against Washington the other night there were a couple of moments — but we probably won’t see that a ton.”