Watch the New Trailer for the Will & Grace Revival

May 17, 2017

NBC is taking a big swing to try to restore its one-time Thursday night juggernaut “Must-See TV,” and the revival of Will & Grace is -- execs hope -- a big part of it.

Following a well-received viral video reunion last year, NBC decided to bring Will & Grace back for real, ordering all-new adventures for stars Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally.

A new video shows McCormack and Messing not in character, leaving the NBC’s executive suites after reportedly agreeing to the show. Well, at least McCormack agreed. Messing admits she’s scared to commit...that is, until they visit the show’s old set.

That’s where a pulled-back sheet reveals Mullally, in character as Karen, apparently roused from a 10-year-old “disco nap.” Shortly thereafter, Sean Hayes’ Jack enters -- also clueless that there’s a show called Will & Grace.

The cast soon breaks into song, with Messing eventually giving in to the 12-episode run, amidst much fanfare. “That was gay,” McCormack comments afterwards.

Last year, the four principals got together to make a Get Out the Vote video, in which Will and Grace try to convince Jack to vote for Hillary Clinton, while Karen tries to sway him towards her close, personal friend Donald Trump.

During its original run from 1998 to 2006, Will & Grace was nominated for 83 Emmys, and won 16.